ABOUT The Paranormal Miners

The Paranormal Miners are a Paranormal Research team based in Latrobe, PA. We cover the Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Paranormal Miners expanded out to Ohio looking to help people dealing with Paranormal encounters.

The husband and wife team of Kayla and Eric Miner have been investigating the paranormal for over a decade and have explored a variety of suspected haunted locations including the famous Jennie Wade house in Gettysburg and Prospect Place in Ohio.

Our ultimate goal as a team is to help those of whom are struggling with Paranormal forces and conduct experimentation, looking for the truth in an ethical and honest way.



Our Team

Kayla & Eric

Lead Investigator & Tech Specialist

Kayla grew up seeing, hearing and sensing spirits ever since a very young age. This has caused a strong love for the paranormal, as an adult she turned into an investigator, using her psychic medium abilities to find out answers about the other side. Kayla is also a Reiki Master and enjoys working with others spiritually. Eric is a tech specialist with a desire for scientific documentation of spirits. Eric has witnessed apparitions even though he is a skeptic. This husband and wife duo always had an interest in the paranormal and together they founded the paranormal team Paranormal Miners. Together they also volunteer at different charity events and love helping others. They love exploring new haunted locations together. Kayla and Eric have a show on one Friday a month called Mining for Spirits that they do live through their Facebook page. They also conduct public paranormal investigations from time to time throughout the year!


Investigator & Researcher

Amber grew up with both of her parents having an interest in all things paranormal. It was a normal conversation to have talked about an experience someone has had, or visiting a historical place to try and find answers to rumors of a haunting. Amber believes that there is life after death. She realizes that sometimes, for some reason a soul can be left behind, stick around, and even visit their loved ones. She has always had an intuitive feeling when something has changed in her surroundings, and can sense when there is a presence that is unseen. Since she was a child, Amber has always studied and wanted to know more. Having had many experiences, herself when she was young, and currently living in her home, where the unexplained happens frequently. Amber has been with the Paranormal Miners for some time now and is an investigator for the group along with a researcher. She loves being part of the team and feels her abilities grow more all the time.

Mike & Sheila

Investigators &
Tech Specialist

Paranormal Miners had extended out to Ohio where Sheila and Mike run the group. Sheila is no stranger to the paranormal field, having spent 20+ years as a resident of a haunted house where she experienced visions of apparitions, orbs and light anomalies. She also completed Reiki certification where she received her third-degree Reiki Master certification. She has enjoyed investigating as a paranormal investigator where she continues in her quest to learn more about life after death and the relationship we have with those who have passed into the light and those who are still “living” among us. She considers herself an intuitive and has joined the Paranormal Miners where she is eager to practice and share her abilities with others. Mike also has an interest in the paranormal field and enjoys building equipment in an effort to communicate with spirits. He also has experience with paranormal investigating and continues to seek out haunted locations, in addition to his own residence.  Mike and Sheila love exploring the paranormal together.


Going beyond paranormal to create change

Charitable contributions

It’s always been important to the Paranormal Miners to give back to the community. That’s why all of our public events are non-profit. All proceeds go towards team needs and the remainder is donated to charity.

As of today we’ve donated a total of $1200 to various charities.